Desperate PR attention-seeking is desperate. Ben, as annoyed as I am with you seeing this gives me the sads ;_;. You were on top of your game in ‘14 because you were still in control of your life. Once you surrendered it to psychopaths you signed your career’s death warrant. Team Soso is erasing you as a public figure, they pimp themselves at your expense. They have poisoned you, even your looks have faded. You can’t fake happiness and true beauty radiates from within. Yours has been a dark night of the soul, learn from it and move on. Tom Holland reminds me of how you used to be and therein lies his appeal, his marketability. The only way to compete is to regain what you lost and that requires that you clean house. No more lies, no more leeches, just the real, positive BC who loves sharing his talent with the world. Child-like, joyful life explorer sells, phoney Brit hipster does not.

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