Next month it will be 11 years since Madeleine McCann has vanished.
Some perhaps remember others maybe not so much.

Being a naturally skeptic I have to say trust the cadaver dogs more than anyone else in this whole investgation farce… and it appears there are more people out there who raised an eyebrow about what was going on in Portugal

This part 1 of 4 of a documentary putting together the pieces nicely and understandable, I find


I’ve often wondered if she wasn’t taken/sold by traffickers.

This always reminded me of the JonBenet Ramsay case (1996). Her parents “had no idea” of who kidnapped and killed their daughter and I never quite believed them. I felt the McCanns also knew what happened and who was involved (if not they themselves). Who in the hell leaves a 4-year-old alone in an apartment while on vacation in an unfamiliar place, and without a sitter, unless something very ugly is going on? Money and ego does nasty things to some people but it does enable them to cover their tracks very well.

According to tea MM was scouted by foreign pedos in Portugal who then got an offer from a buyer in Belgium IIRC. She vanished shortly thereafter and Matthew Freud whitewashed the whole thing. Back then he could do a lot more as he was still Murdoch’s SiL.

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