Ballsy:   First we get articles with the headlines
reading “Benedict Cumberbatch Says No Plans At The Moment For ‘Doctor Strange
2″, apparently it’s all in

Then we get ScreenRant
saying things like “
Marvel is being cagey on confirming anything involving
Doctor Strange 2” and “a sequel’s
chances are based on the assumptions
that he makes it out alive
. Derrickson and Robert C. Cargill, who wrote the
first movie, have recently been teasing that they’re still working together,
and now Cargill’s confirmed where their sequel will go should they be fortunate enough to make one.”   In case Marvel didn’t get the
hint – these ^^ two would very much like to give it a go again. 

Now, ComicBookResources
are talking about a TV show instead of movie sequels: 


Meanwhile in Weinstein

Seems The Current War
is part of the bankruptcy sale:

“Hotel Mumbai” is one of several unreleased films expected
to be included in the sale — it joins “The Current War,” a historical drama
starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and “The Upside,” a comedy with Bryan Cranston
and Kevin Hart. 

I guess IW will have
to do for now.  

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