Fiona Shackleton


JD – Morning.  We could take heart that Harry’s lawyer is (Baroness) Fiona Shackleton – details in links below.  She dealt with Diana’s settlement and Paul McCartney’s divorce from Heather Mills.  Mills demanded £125m and got £24.3m.  Mr Justice Bennett described her as “a fantasist liar living in a world of make-believe”.  Hmm, sounds familiar.  Macca’s mates at the time all warned him about Mills, but he didn’t listen and married her with disastrous consequences.

PS:  I note that ratty-haired and unhygienic Ms Ptak’s USP is the use of fresh flowers on edible foodstuffs.  We might all enjoy the sight of Megsy chomping on a couple of sprigs of purple Atropa Belladonna, aka deadly nightshade.

Two more months…..patience and confidence.  All the best, JD.

Oh Catherine thank you so much 💖💖 Patience and confidence 

Yep, just like Johnny Depp’s friends told him not to marry Hungry Heard, ditto for BC and look what happened. Men can be incredibly stupid with regards to female cons…

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