Oh new sneaky pic! I’m over the moon! Can’t wait for all the conflicting version of the sighting. Can’t wait for all the fanfiction. Can’t wait for them to explain why only BC and some suspicious SoFail (judging by the dark haired woman (?) across him) are pictured alone without the pilos. I guess the kids went to the loos cos they can walk unattended everywhere they want. Also, this picture shows 3 mugs but not a single baby bottle or toy etc. There are deffo oner adult/s travelling w/ them.



As Ballsy said, you can see the VT logo better than BC’s face so great product placement! It looks like all 4 seats were occupied by adults too. BC started BAing for them back in 2015, which begs the question: when exactly was this Twitpic taken again? Maybe that would explain what’s ‘missing’…other than the fact that the Pilos are PR fiction.

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