6 Signs You’re Attracting Negativity Into Your Life

1. Boredom – the devil makes work for idle hands. A lack of purpose and direction leads to boredom – in this state of boredom we are simply looking for people, places & things to occupy our time instead of doing what we love. This attracts others of a similar nature and some of them occupy their time by making others miserable because they are externalising their inner conflict.

2. Monotony – going through the motions of life. Simply doing what’s expected of us without questioning it is one of the ways we refine ourselves to a way of life that doesn’t serve us. This often results in giving up on our dreams and this attracts others who’ve done the same and soon we find ourselves in the crossfire of everyone projecting the resentment they hold toward themselves.

3. Pleasure – constantly seeking temporary pleasure in the external world. Pursuing desires of the flesh such as excessive sexual interaction, gambling, drugs like alcohol and junk food are all examples of temporary pleasure. These pleasures gratify our brains in the moment, but they do not provide lasting fulfillment. These pleasures can result in us losing ourselves to them and becoming addicted to vices that lead to disease of the body & mind.

4. Separation – feeding the ego’s desire to be acknowledged. The ego loves to feel significant and one of the ways it can achieve this is by introducing separation. Separation comes in many forms – gender, race, religion, occupation etc – when we define ourselves with these labels we are reducing opportunities for love to enter our lives and this leads to negativity.

5. Ignorance – being closed-minded. Thinking that we’ve got it all figured out is one the best ways to invite negativity into our lives because ignorance leads to suffering. This suffering is born from our discomfort in the present moment, if we are closed-minded we will ignore the lessons the universe is trying to teach us through experiences and continue to suffer.

6. Repetition – living the same year on repeat. We can’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life – this is surviving. We came here to thrive, not just survive. Varying the experiences we have on the planet creates contrast and contrast is what makes our lives worth living – joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain.

We are all one – separation is the illusion.

Peace & positive vibes.

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