JD, interesting read Shady Billionaire Rundown: RonbBurkke v Jeffrey Epstein onbGawker. My view has always been someone befriended PA for a reason – possibly his position as Royal and amazing connections. Worked to a degree when they tried to implicate him. So move on to the BRF weakest male link. May have tried for PW but settled for PH when PW got engaged. Who knows we don’t but we all can speculate. This has all the makings of a who done it blockbuster. Julie


I know right!  We are missing murder, this tale has got it all! James Patterson kinda of stuff.

 Hollywood, sex, drugs, alcohol, royals, yachting, blackmail, call girls, decadence, pretentious assholes, plastic surgery, race cards, photoshopping and a yoga mat! OMG, the flipping yoga mat! And the rubber hiney’s flagging a cab down,

Truth is stranger than fiction! Julie, you are right, Who done it? 


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