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So I’ve always been skeptical of sources. Any of them. I don’t think the marriage or kids are real. I don’t think Chris is real because her pregnancy and their behaviour makes no sense. I don’t think Hal is real based on the BI and watching the Hal papped pics be removed for being labelled dishonest. As far as anyone w sources, I just find it hard to believe that anyone w any info would go to a random blog w info. Even if what you say about a mutual friend is true. But for the sake of argument, lets say what you say about sex trafficking and murder and fake relationship is true in a couple way, or is fake. Either way, BC ends up being a very bad guy

So lets say the sex trafficking and murder of that co-star is true. What does that say about Ben as a person?

1.) He is aware that there are abused and raped slaves (sex trafficked people are sex slaves) and he doesn’t care. why wouldn’t he care?

He either partakes in using raped slaves himself (then returning them to be continuously raped by other men when he is done) , and doesn’t want that to get out because it will ruin his access to multimillion dollar job deals. Therefore, he cares more about his access to money and jobs then the lives of raped slaves, many of whom have been being raped like this since they were children (if not children themselves)

2.) He doesn’t use raped slaves for his own sexual gratification, but he is aware of it, and doesn’t care about those women and children more than his reputation and access to multimillion dollar jobs so that he can have a nice lifestyle (while those girls are raped)

3.) He knows an innocent woman was murdered, leaving her family devastated, and he doesn’t care about that more than his ability to access multimillion dollar deals to maintain his lifestyle

4.) there was no murder that he knows a thing about and he is unaware of any sex slaves being passed around and that source information is fake

Going w the sex slaves are real and he knows and is just scared. What would you do if you walked in on someone powerful moving the dead body of a murdered sex slave (i know this isn’t what you say happens, but lets get extreme here). You lie in the moment to save your own life, you sign whatever you need to to save your own life in that moment, then you immediately get your lawyer and go to the authorities. But wait, they said they would ruin you and your career! maybe even hurt your family! Again, most normal people would care more about murdered and raped slaves than their own access to financial enrichment (and its not like various police agencies haven’t hidden families from bad dudes before).

so what are the facts? BC is a pampered millionaire who could be lawyered to the hilt to protect himself and his family from ANYthing. I think whats most likely is

BC and SH have a contract that was orig. meant to be for a RC GF, the kids were folded into the contract etc. I think he is just a pants wetting coward, because what the alternative? He cares more about his access to personal financial enrichment more than the literal lives of others?

Nah, BC is just a coward and a man of poor character OR, we are wrong and the kids are real (dont. believe. it) and he is just the worlds biggest moron who got snookered and now he has to save face for being hollywoods biggest dumbo and getting stuck w gold digger anchor babies like a sucker


Whelp. All I can say is that Benedict WAS all lawyered up…on Marvel’s dime. And he still took the coward’s way out. So, I am starting to wonder about his integrity and ethics. That’s why I’m not trying to do anything but watch and comment anymore. He made his bed…

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