In A History-Making Feat, ‘Black Panther’ Is Set to Make $1B Worldwide Before It Even Opens In China



The big news is not that Black Panther was No.1 at the box office this weekend…or that it will continue to be No.1 for at least the next few weeks as well.

But what is the big news, is the fact that it is set to make history yet again.

As you will recall last week, I went into great lengths about whether Black Panther could hit a billion or more worldwide which only 32 films have done since 1993. I said that it was possible, but time would tell and if it did then that would depend on how well it did in China since there has not been a film yet that has grossed the amount without the help of that country. And that country’s reputation, when it comes to black images on the screen, sure isn’t the greatest. Well, it now seems China is moot and that my prediction capabilities were off the mark somewhat. Not only is Black Panther headed to make over a billion worldwide becoming the 33rd film to do so, but that it’s going to do without China which no film has ever done before. And that is not only remarkable, but history-making.

This weekend, Black Panther grossed $65.7 million, pushing it to total $501 million domestically to million making right now it the tenth biggest domestic grosser of all time. But as the weeks go on it will definitely move up the list. And worldwide right now it stands near $900 million, which means next weekend the film will have crossed the $1 billion-dollar mark. Though it opens in China this Friday, it’s almost in a way irrelevant what it does, though it sure doesn’t hurt and adds to the overall worldwide total to the film. Also, keep in mind that the film still remains No. 1 everywhere in Asia.

In A History-Making Feat, ‘Black Panther’ Is Set to Make $1B Worldwide Before It Even Opens In China

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