Have you seen Aeltri’s latest post blaming Ben for somethin Kinvara Balfor’s Great grandfather did in wwii?   Do you think that’s right? I understand not like people being friends with toxic people but this isn’t even her it’s her grand father. That’s like saying you’ve never associate with anyone whose family had owned slaves. As long as the person in question is not bigoted or currently a slave owner, they are not responsible for their relatives opinions. I’m sure everyone has a relative with horrible opinions on politics 


WTF? Yes, I’ve seen it…but I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that Aeltri was blaming Benedict for it? It’s seems pretty obvious to me that she was pointing out that Kinvara is untrustworthy…not because of something her grand father did, but because she herself is duplicitous. She was just using that to show how she probably learned it from her family. Reading comprehension….

They have selective reading comprehension Gator. Allow me to spell it out for you OP, the Balfours have a special place in the hearts of Zionists. They are still benefiting from the fact that Lord Balfour was a Rothschild lackey who carried out their bidding even if it resulted in a diplomatic and humanitarian nightmare. 

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