Funny how you reblog social awareness posts when you so clearly hate Jewish people and openly support people like Adriana who hate them and post about it regularly.


There is a BIG difference between disliking radical Zionists and hating Jewish People. Both my husband and I have Jewish blood running through our veins. But that doesn’t mean either of us can overlook how horrible the whole situation in Israel is. We want peace for EVERYONE there. No Race, Creed, or Religion has the right to oppress another. Period. Just like my being a White Southerner doesn’t mean I can’t call out other White people for Racism. If you can’t understand that? You can block me.

Indeed. I have Sephardi ancestry on my maternal grandfather’s side and I certainly don’t hate that part of myself. I’d like to make something very clear; neither your race, your creed nor your socio-economic position gives you a free pass. Zionists do not speak for all Jewish people, in fact they jeopardize the rest of their community with their hateful actions. Do you want me to start posting videos of the virulent racism against non-white Jews in Israel? Or talks by prominent Jewish scholars who see Zionism for what it truly is?

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