’ I have heard from quite a lot of contacts about organized action by groups of Freemasons that have resulted in the financial or social ruin of certain people,’ I said. So have I,’ he said, still looking me straight in the eye as if telling me this was important. ‘So have I, Mr. Knight.’ ‘Have you any direct knowledge of such happenings?“Not of such happenings which had the backing of official Freemasonry.’’But of action which was unofficial? In other words, Masons abusing the Craft for their own ends?’’You know the answer to that, from the way I have said what I have said.’’I have also heard about people who have "crossed” certain Masons and finished up in prison…’He stopped me in mid-sentence by placing a finger on his lips.’If I told you everything I know about Freemasonry being betrayed by it’s members, it would surprise even you,’ he said. ‘It would make your hair stand on end. I can’t tell you any more.’

Stephen Knight

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