Arresting Connections to Harvey Weinstein



From the State of NY vs Weinstein:

43. HW told several employees throughout the relevant time period that, in substance, “I will kill you,” “I will kill your family,” and “You don’t know what I can do,” or words to that effect.

From an anonymous tip site about actress Misty Upham:

“Misty’s experience with Harvey Weinstein left her with the impression that he was a powerful man with many influential connections and could make people disappear. Once while riding in a limo with Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Weinstein and his assistant, somewhere between Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, the assistant interrupted Weinstein and Tarantino’s conversation in a matter of urgent business; at which point Harvey Weinstein ordered the driver to stop and subsequently kicked his assistant out of the car in the middle of nowhere during a snowstorm amidst subzero temperatures. Misty commented, “What if he freezes to death?” Weinstein retorted “Somebody will come along and pick him up!””

The only asteroid with the name Misty is Mistyevans. I checked this asteroid against Benedict’s chart using transiting asteroids during the time of her rape and disappearance.

According to articles, Misty was raped at the 2013 Golden Globes (that was after doing August: Osage County which began filming on 24 September 2012 and wrapped just before Thanksgiving). The Golden Globes was on 13 January 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.

Checking Benedict’s Solar Arcs for that time period, I found this:

01/15/13 SA Jupiter 00 Cancer 27 H9 Sextile Chiron/Lilith 00 Taurus 27 H7
Enlarging the importance of family, being warm and nurturing, enjoying learning, emotions influence beliefs and enjoying travel to foreign lands has an opportunity with fear of close relationships or abandonment, problems with relationships, dealing with problems of possessions, wealth and self-worth, problems in doing work for others or work one should be doing themselves, dealing with issues about security or being grounded (painful fears).

SA Jupiter is the enlargement of family for Benedict because of its placement. For him, “family” can also be his connections with his fellow actors (as it usually is when he’s not hyping up a fake family). This may have been the day he found out about her rape. (You can see it is two days after the rape allegedly occurred.)

The midpoint indicates pain and fear in an earth sign (security, bodily, or material matters) and the sign of relationships and enemies. This shows it was possible that he knew within two days of her rape.

Jan15,2013 Tr Mistyevans 24° Leo 34’24"# conj Benedict’s Rhadamanthus 23 Leo 58

On the day he may have heard about her rape, the transiting Misty asteroid was conjunct his natal justice asteroid. If indeed he heard about what happened, he would have wanted justice for Misty (we all do).

Now, this was back in 2013. Filming for The Imitation Game was in the autumn of 2013, after her rape. Harvey Weinstein didn’t become part of the film’s production until it was in the can. Harvey bought the rights to distribute the film after winning a bid and paying the highest price anyone had ever paid to distribute an independent film. That was in February 2014.

Misty went missing on 5 October 2014. Her body was found by volunteers on 16 October 2014 near the White River, Washington.

The day Misty’s body was found and the day after have these in Benedict’s Solar Arc chart:

10/16/14 SA Mars 14 Libra 16 H1 Sextile Jupiter/Uranus 14 Leo 16 H10
Being active, passionate, assertive, aggressive, outgoing or masterful yet changeable, taking others into consideration before taking action, and being sociable or desiring harmony has an opportunity with being successful in career, being a showman, working in public eye, doing things one’s own way, being innovative, sudden change in social status, and trying new things (enlarging the unexpected).

10/17/14 SA Moon 05 Gemini 38 H9 Binovile Pluto/Midheaven 25 Leo 38 H11
Optimistic or emotional beliefs and sharing ideas makes a decision or connects with being true to oneself, control over groups of people or they over you, having a captive audience, obsessed with dreams of the future, being a humanitarian, inspiring people, obsession with causes, breakdown of ego, concentrating on self, being ambitious, taking pride in work, and appearing competent (powerful career/public life).

The day of seems to be almost a realisation of some kind, or perhaps he was being offered a job on that day itself. But the next day is making a decision, so it seems perhaps the two are related. (Again, it could just be an offer for a job. Of course, who knows what kind of offer and from whom?) They may or may not be related to having found Misty that day, but I wanted to share it.

Oct16,2014 Tr Mistyevans 24° Capricorn 54’50"
…conj Benedict’s
Wooden 25 Capricorn 04 Rx
Zeus 25 Capricorn 47 Rx

She was found in a ravine in a wooden area. His SA chart shows he makes a decision regarding something that could be public or part of his career. Zeus indicates leadership. A lot of reads over the time I’ve been doing this indicates that Benedict is learning how to be a better leader.

This is in the autumn of 2014. Weinstein had bought the rights to distribute The Imitation Game in February of that year. Suddenly, in April, there were rumours of Benedict having a “secret girlfriend.” By June, Benedict was pointedly seen with Sophie Hunter. The London premiere of the film was 8 October 2014. That was three days after Misty’s went missing, and eight days before her body was found.

Harvey Weinstein has been served by the State of New York for “unrelenting sexual harassment, intimidation and discrimination” as of 11 February 2017.

Feb12,2017 Mistyevans 18° Aquarius 11’20"
…conj Mercury 18° Aquarius 59’24" conj Gold 19° Aquarius 20’29" conj Astraea 19° Aquarius 55’31"
…sextile Dike 18° Aries 12’58"
…square Iris 20° Taurus 42’21"
…trine Fan 19° Gemini 26’53"
…sextile Pluto 20° Capricorn 9’35"
…sextile Inkeri 17° Sagittarius 45’2"

Misty’s name asteroid is conjunct communication, money, and balancing justice. She also has an opportunity with feminine justice (Dike), power (Pluto) and printing (Inkeri). The fans work easily with her. The one who punishes those who lie under oath (Iris) conflicts with Misty.

Feb12 Mistyevans 18° Aquarius 11’20" conj
Benedict’s Claudius 18 Aquarius 05 Rx and Tietjen 19 Aquarius 10

Today, Misty joins with Benedict’s betrayal and the name of the cuckold character he played (both in real life and on TV).

Benedict’s Mistyevans 23 Virgo 27 conj Benedict’s Moomintroll 23 Virgo 19

In Benedict’s natal chart, Misty causes Benedict to be trolled.

Feb12 Bennett 09° Aries 20’34" conj Feb12 Moomintroll 10° Aries 48’14"
…trine Lie 8° Sagittarius 45’25"
…trine Mars 10° Sagittarius 3’24"

One of Benedict’s name asteroids for today indicates trolling. This works easily with a lie and actions.

From @minervarosewilliamsread in 2015, this is their natal synastry concerning the Oscar, for which he was nominated.

Sophie’s Oskar  26 Scorpio 30 opposition Benedict’s Scylla  26 Taurus 19
Sophie’s Sylvia  21 Aquarius 14 square Benedict’s Oskar 20 Taurus 55
<Everything about her was designed to scuttle his Oscar>.

Now, remember that Benedict quite likely knew about Weinstein and his actions in regards to Misty’s rape prior to Harvey owning the rights to The Imitation Game. Their synastry indicates that Benedict would put up resistance to Harvey, and Harvey would promise more than he could deliver for Benedict.

Weinstein’s usual M.O. for Oscars is to match an actor with an actress who will help the actor achieve an Oscar for the film (gotta look straight if you’re playing a gay man!). Benedict’s and Sophie’s asteroids indicate that she was chosen to make sure he did NOT win an Oscar. She was NOT to help him in achieving what he wanted to achieve.

What if Benedict confronted Weinstein about his actions at some point during all of this? What if Weinstein threatened to kill Benedict, too?

Who knows what the fuck is in the contracts between Weinstein, Cumberbatch and Hunter. But whatever it is, Benedict might not have felt comfortable in unhooking himself from the situation until Weinstein was under lock and key.

Feb12 Damocles 24° Aquarius 14’28"
…conj Benedict’s Damocles 24 Aquarius 25 Rx

That which has been hanging over his head has returned.

@minervarosewilliamslast asteroid read included a few arresting asteroids. Turns out that the asteroid Gaolu (to indicate jail) is conjunct the Solar Eclipse which happens on the 15th.

Things conjunct with the Sun could burn up, but this is a partial Solar Eclipse. While the Sun is dimmed, things which normally can’t be seen by the strong light suddenly come into view.

Feb12 d’Arrest 16° Libra 27’24"# opp Harvey’s Mercury 17° Aries 22’25"

Harvey’s communication, thought or ideas struggles against an arrest.

Feb12 Mars 10° Sagittarius 3’24" conj Harvey’s Gaolu 8° Sagittarius 9’19"

This is slightly wide (asteroids are supposed to only have an influence of 1.5 degrees), but this is the planet Mars, so that may have more influence with an asteroid (and Mars is closer to the asteroid belt than Earth is). Harvey’s Gaolu is in his 5th House. This is the house of joy, hobbies, romance, and children. He is being arrested for wrongdoing in his business, which is part of the entertainment industry, which creates our joyful hobbies and romance, no?

Remember that this same Mars is trine with one of Benedict’s name asteroids.

I wondered what else might be conjunct with the arresting asteroids in Sophie’s and Benedict’s charts?

Feb12 Huntress 05° Aries 51’3"
…conj Sophie’s Gaolu 04 Aries 02
…conj Sophie’s Midheaven 05 Aries 12
…conj Sophie’s Disneya 05 Aries 21
…conj Sophie’s South Node (True) 05 Aries 57

Sophie’s natal Gaolu is conjunct the transiting asteroid Huntress. Her Gaolu is on her Midheaven (top of the sky at the time of her birth), Disney, and her South Node (lessons from her past). If she ever goes to jail, it would be quite a public thing about it, and Disney could have something to do with her going to jail. If she ever went to jail, it would be because she was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. Because if you lean too much into your lessons you mastered in the past, life tends to push you in the opposite direction.

Feb12 Huntress 05° Aries 51’3"
…conj Benedict’s Angel 04 Aries 43
…conj Benedict’s Fink 06 Aries 23

Transiting Huntress is conjunct Benedict’s fink, perhaps the fink who may have leaked things about an imaginary child two weeks ago in January where there was a lot of things going on, but nothing at all happened publicly.

But more importantly, there is an angel (protective energy), protecting him from the Huntress right now.

Feb12 [LadyL] 08° Scorpio 21’5" conj Benedict’s Gaolu 08 Scorpio 37

Me finding arrests/jail around Benedict. (Kinda cool.)

Feb12 [LadyL] 08° Scorpio 21’5" conj Sophie’s Hobby 08 Scorpio 56 Rx

Really? (Which links Sophie to Harvey’s arrest concerning his “hobby” job. Fer cryin out loud.)

I don’t know what my transiting name asteroid is conjunct in Weinstein’s chart (I don’t have a database of his asteroids), but it’s in his 5th House, so that rather confirms it for me. Don’t tell me astrology doesn’t have a sense of humour!

Feb12 Constable 28° Aries 49’28"
…conj Benedict’s Veritas 27 Aries 46
…conj Benedict’s Endo 28 Aries 51
…conj Benedict’s Chaos 29 Aries 24
…conj Benedict’s Heath 29 Aries 42

If a copper comes calling on Benedict, he has the truth which could end the chaos in his home.

Feb12 Constable 28° Aries 49’28"
…conj Sophie’s Benglass 28 Aries 18
…conj Sophie’s Sphinx 29 Aries 13
…conj Sophie’s Chaos 29 Aries 24

If the fuzz comes looking for Sophie, she might see through Benedict and the puzzle, and perhaps cause her chaos!

Feb12 Gaolu 25° Aquarius 16’32"
…conj Benedict’s Porta Coeli 25 Aquarius 13 Rx
…conj Benedict’s Part of Lovers (Arabic Point) 25 Aquarius 33

Porta Coeli is “gateway to heaven.” That may match the protective angel energy around Huntress for him. And perhaps his “lover” could go to jail?

Feb12 Gaolu 25° Aquarius 16’32"
…conj Sophie’s Watsonia 24 Aquarius 12
…conj Sophie’s Galatea 24 Aquarius 16
…conj Sophie’s Jodiefoster 24 Aquarius 20
…conj Sophie’s Dejanira 25 Aquarius 27
…conj Sophie’s Fry 25 Aquarius 35
…conj Sophie’s MANIAC 25 Aquarius 39
…conj Sophie’s Damocles 25 Aquarius 51

Wow. These are things that could put Sophie in jail right now. The discoverer of DNA, tea, a celebrity who was stalked, a victim, fry (or WTFry which was once a phrase the skeptics used), a maniac, and that which hangs over you are all under the influence of transiting Gaolu for her.

Feb12 d’Arrest 16° Libra 27’24"#
…conj Benedict’s Benfreed 16 Libra 47
…conj Sophie’s Fraternitas 16 Libra 23 Rx

So Benedict’s Benfreed on transiting d’Arrest makes sense, right? If an angel is protecting him from the Huntress and a “gateway to heaven” protects him from going to jail, he could be exonerated of any wrongdoing. But what about Sophie? What does brotherhood have to do with an arrest?

Well, maybe this might explain it:

Feb12 Celestechild 05° Pisces 28’44" conj Feb12 Nessus 06° Pisces 21’58"
…conj Sophie’s Reichenbach 05 Pisces 20
…conj Sophie’s Pyramus 06 Pisces 03
…conj Sophie’s Romulus 06 Pisces 09
…conj Sophie’s Icarus 06 Pisces 13

She has two falls sandwiching burning everything down and a betraying brother with the transiting imaginary child and abuse. If abuse and the fake children are outed, she would drop like a rock into a fiery abyss. And a “brother” would be the one to betray her.

So it makes sense then that brotherhood could have something to do with an arrest for her, basically.

Now…Solar Arcs for today.

2/12/2018 SA Ascendant 19 Scorpio 09 H2 Trine Pluto/Lilith 19 Cancer 09  H10
2/12/2018 SA Ascendant 19 Scorpio 09 H2 Sextile Saturn/Uranus 19 Virgo 09  H12
2/12/2018 SA Ascendant 19 Scorpio 09 H2 Sextile Venus/Uranus 19 Virgo 17  H12
2/12/2018 SA Ascendant 19 Scorpio 09 H2 Quinqueundecile Moon/Midheaven 05 Gemini 31  H9
2/12/2018 SA Mercury 11 Virgo 14 H11 Quindecile Sun/Mars 17 Leo 14  H10

His “being seen” Solar Arc energy is how people view him taking care of his personal affairs. On Monday, this works easily with his ambition, career goals, dealing with the public, and emotional struggles, or issues of power or abuse. As Weinstein was working on The Current War before the shit hit the fan, you better believe the press is going to mention it at some point. So there you are – Benedict’s being seen working with something public, emotional struggles, and issues of power and abuse.

Being seen may also have an opportunity with dealing with responsibilities, facing consequences, secrets coming to light, being inspirational, or receiving help from unusual sources. Another opportunity may also come from being private, relationships begun in secret, being shy about matters of the heart, doing things out of kindness, and even more possibilities of secrets coming to light, being inspirational, or receiving help from unusual sources. Interesting.

Being seen could also be rebellious with yearning for justice, doing many things at once, planning or working on many details, and using knowledge as power. His words/thoughts indicated by SA Mercury could be restless on working toward a goal, having passion for success, being demonstrative or showy, and attracting attention.

Feb12 Beny 13° Gemini 24’25"
…conjunct 1996 TL66 13° Gemini 25’1"# conj Charybdis 13° Gemini 36’8"
…trine Bellona 12° Aquarius 9’33"
…square Nemesis 12° Pisces 52’6" conj Neptune 13° Pisces 9’50"

Just like two weeks ago, Beny is still blending with a sea monster and vindictive revenge. Bellona is a goddess of war and may indicate someone who is willing to fight. If that is so, then Benedict, the sea monster, and vindictive revenge want to duke something out. He definitely has a fight with a nemesis and an illusion on his hands, for they are in conflict (square) with him.

What do you think? Might he be ready to turn this showboat around now that the guy who orchestrated it is getting his just desserts?

A “Brother” or brotherhood turning on Zero? Maybe like the Freemason brotherhood?

They should, the FM with the most clout on Team Soso seem to be her political relatives. BC’s a Brother Mason from a respectable family, he certainly didn’t deserve to be targeted like he was. Don’t get me started on poor Misty :/…

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