FORBES – “Black Panther is a tour de force, one of the smartest, most original action-packed blockbusters of the decade. This is bold and visually stunning filmmaking, unique and relevant in deeply emotional, truthful ways few films of the genre achieve. Believe the hype – Black Panther rules!”

ROLLING STONE – “Marvel’s [Black Panther] is a masterpiece. An exhilarating triumph on every level from writing, directing, acting, production design, costumes, music, to special effects. The end result feels revolutionary” 4/4

EMPIRE MAGAZINE – Black Panther is a giddily enjoyable, convention-bucking 134-minute epic that somehow manages to simultaneously be a comic-book blockbuster, a pulsating espionage thriller and an Afro-futurist family saga. It challenges as much as it exhilarates” 4/5

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – “Getting it right where other franchises get it so wrong, Marvel and Disney have another commercial leviathan here. An action-packed combat epic. With Black Panther, Marvel takes superheroes into a domain they’ve never inhabited before and is all the better for it”

VARIETY – “Black Panther not only holds its own, but improves on the formula in several key respects, from a politically engaged villain to an emotionally grounded final showdown”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – “Black Panther’s nuanced celebration of pride and identity and personal responsibility doesn’t just feel like fresh direction for the genre, it’s the movie’s own true superpower” A-

COLLIDER – “Black Panther is Marvel’s boldest movie yet, and also one of their best. Production design, costumes, and visual effects are all on point. It isn’t just a triumph because it’s an important and unprecedented film, but because it’s also a fantastic superhero movie and a joy to watch”A-

USA TODAY – “Black Panther is the best Marvel origin since Guardians of the Galaxy. [It is] a roaring solo adventure that unleashes James Bond-style spycraft, geopolitics galore and tribal intrigue a la ‘Game of Thrones’. Yet while there are plenty of fantastical aspects, Black Panther is extremely grounded” 4/4

VANITY FAIR – Black Panther arrives as a welcome refreshment, adding mythic tones and chords of classical drama to the Marvel universe. It’s easily the most engaging Marvel film in a long while because it has something new to say. More like this please, Marvel. Oh, and, of course: Wakanda forever”

NEW YORK TIMES – A jolt of a movie, Black Panther creates wonder with great flair and feeling partly through something Hollywood rarely dreams of anymore: myth. It’s axis point is the fantastical nation of Wakanda, touching down in a story that has far more going for it than branding”

IGN – “Black Panther delivers the goods as an adventure film, a political statement, and a cultural celebration. Long live the King!” 9/10

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