Keanu seems like a kind person at the core w/a backbone to stand by his principals. If push came to shove he would likely walk away from it all. Walks the walk. My take on Ben is he’s a decent guy but not really rooted, eager to please, happily hangs with dodgy people, lacks some common sense. Also that thing Martin said–easy to screw over (neutron cream?). He was an easy target for SH to screw over once she got a foot in. No doubt she could only circle for years til HW opened the door.


Amen to all of it.

Some? Try none. BC’s one of the poorest judges of character I’ve ever seen and I think it’s due to the inferiority complex he developed while at Harrow. He resented those people for belittling him but at the same time he longed to feel accepted. This is foolish in the extreme because while you might have to work and do business with bullies you never befriend them. HCPs make for toxic company and are notoriously disloyal. The only thing BC’s fake friends ever ‘protected him from’ was the truth. Once BC’s career took off he could finally rub elbows with toffs but it didn’t make him happy. He needs to realize that he’s a parvenu who will always be exploited and looked down upon by his ‘betters’…

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