Wait,Emily E. announced the new engagement on twitter.’They will tackle Homelessness’.Homeless,serious,after the Backlash that they suffered and the support of the public that was going to protest at the wedding,do you think someone will have the courage to ask about it ?Another ‘stage situations by KP press” event that MM pathetically trying to be Diana 2.0..


They’re the charity that started those “sleep-outs’ and they’ve never had royal input, so,yes, totally staged.

They react quickly. I gotta hand them that. First the Marks and Spencer bag to counteract the $75k dress, and now Social Bite to counter the homelessness kerfuffle.

Will it work? I mean, doesn’t it sound kind of ridiculous? Yes, a “sleep-out” protest is wonderful…as long as it’s in Scotland and not in Windsor Castle. It’s the epitome of NIMBYism.

It’s like they are going out of their way to look like hypocrites. They’re environmentalists who travel every two weeks. They’re conservationists who hunt. They are anti-cruelty, but they wear leather. They are pro-sustainability, as long as the clothes are brand-new.

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