Venus in Gemini – Double Dating 

Venus in Gemini can satisfy an array of interests, needs, and fantasies. The individual is a glossy and glowing chameleon who easily slips into new forms to amuse, satisfy, learn from, and teach company. A fun loving child can frolic through colourful intellectual playgrounds indulging in rollercoaster word play and luscious literature. The Venus in Gemini has a naturally flirty and clever appeal that sweeps with mercurial mystique. It can be difficult to catch a Venus in Gemini butterfly. She can be interested in a moment and disengaged the next. Boredom, possession, and judgement can be the ultimate turn off. But she will be unconditionally loyal to those who trust her to fly without chains and manage to keep her intellectually amused, challenged, and make her laugh. 

Venus in Geminis are amusing, descriptive, and magnetic conversationalists. She absolutely loves to talk and exchange information, and she can be absolutely hypnotised by brilliant minds. She can be difficult to contain really get to understand on an intimate level, the individual is an expert at concealing her true feelings and trying to keep situations light hearted. It can be scary for Venus in Gemini people to open up and let people into her heart because it threatens her sense of rationality and intellectual judgement. The individual has a sensual experience of thought and conversation, words it can almost roll off the tongue like candy and fill the atmosphere with fresh and youthful energy. She may be especially inspired by great literature, poetry, thinkers, bookstores, and education. The appearance and personal style is typically springtime, colourful, accessorised, and coquette. She can be a woman who silences the floor with her outfit and her majestic delivery of messages. She may be attracted to teachers, writers, or academics. 

Love can be a game to Venus in Geminis where mischief, novelty, and remaining engaged with friends keeps romance fresh and appealing. The individual hesitantly commits to people so there is mostly tremendous loyalty and respect for partners because she can be so selective. It’s like she reveals parts of herself to all kinds of people and prospective lovers to smell the different flowers, but she only shows her true self to one petal in the garden, and she is ultimately loyal to this one. She is cautious of retaining her independence, but it doesn’t mean she wants to be alone, it just means that she wants somebody who lets her be independent but allows her to be vulnerable and unsure herself at times. She can be a great source of knowledge for friends and lovers, attracting onlookers with her comedic wit and fascinating volumes of knowledge. She may be spotted by her captivating declarations and the way her hands move like butterflies as she releases her winged words into the air.


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