A Family Member Speaks


We need to go back in time about 18 months or so. You have an up and coming expert who has been getting tip after tip about a group of men who are involved in a child sex ring. Yes, the same ring that produces thousands and thousands of photos for sale on the dark web. Yes, the same people that took all the photos that Mark Salling had in his possession when he was arrested a day or two prior to 2016.

There was a lot happening in 2016. It was a very big year. People on both sides of the aisle were throwing money everywhere to make problems disappear or appear. One of the things that happened when Salling got arrested, were the questions. Where does someone get 50,000 images of kids? Most of these 50,000 images and videos had not been seen in other arrests. These were not the ones you were scooping up off 4chan. Many of the 50,000 were recent. Very recent.

One person, who along with her NGO, was asked by the FBI to see if they could help track down any of the victims or locations. This person started asking around. As they were asking around, they were also leaving detailed notes they were backing up every single day. Not just in one place either. They were leaving the USB drives everywhere. At one point, the investigation led to this B- list actress/entertainer who comes from an acting family. This actress had been with some men, including an actor who enjoys sleeping with men and women who bragged about the trove of kids they had access to for child porn. They named some names. Those names were not names known to the actress but she wanted to pass them along. So, she got in touch with the investigator who she had known for a long time and possibly could help with all of this. Within a month, the actress was dead. The actress was easy to kill. Her body was failing anyway. All she needed was a little push.

Our investigator decided to go to the location where the people named by the actress were located. The investigator kept backing up information and even though was out of the country, sent it to various family members for them to back up on the USB drives the investigator had been using. Shortly after the investigator began seriously digging around and asking questions, she was killed.

Fast forward a few months. This A list singer has been in touch with a woman who says that one of the last things the investigator wrote was related to the singer. This woman has no idea what half the stuff on the USB drive has to do with anything, but would the singer be interested. The woman is in the town where the investigator was living prior to her trip and death. Yes, the singer would be interested and is going to be in that town in a couple of weeks and they can get together. A few days before the singer arrives in town, he is killed.

Investigator: Monica Peterson
Actress: Alexis Arquette
Actor: Jared Leto
Singer: Chris Cornell

“ Ultimately, this will come back to the Clintons, via the Haiti connection and Silsby. Monica Petersen was the investigator who turned up dead, and Cornell or Bennington was the singer connection. “

When HW claimed that his takedown was politically motivated he wasn’t lying. Remember that he was a darling of the Clintons and Bill’s Chief Projectionist for 8 years. Anyone involved with those people is fair game in the eyes of their enemies. Many more will fall…

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