Cycles and Patterns of Abuse


When someone has demonstrated a pattern of abuse with you, then they are going to continue this pattern, Narcissists will train you to forgive them and have renewed hope in the relationship,  when they give you a break from abuse.

Just because someone stops abusing you for a short period of time does not mean they are being good to you. The cycle of abuse goes around in a circle from abuse , back to a “nice” phase and then back to abuse again. 

This pattern causes PTSD….a severe hypervigilance, an overload of cortisol and adrenaline, and eventually a malfunction of the amygdala and the fight or flight mode. 

You will learn to be on alert at all times for possible abuse and danger. Your brain and body were not designed to be in fight or flight mode in a regular basis. It will cause mental illness and physical illness. 

Emotional abuse and mental abuse are dangerous for your health. both mentally and physically.

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