Minor Heavenly

Part One: Desire
and Physicality

These heavenly
bodies focus on desire and attraction in synastry, and the natal
chart itself. They are certainly not the only ones which influence
one’s sexuality, but a few key figures which focus heavily on the

Overall, consider
the placements of these heavenly bodies to build up a more thorough
view of sexual desire, one beyond that which Venus, Mars, and the
other core heavenly bodies may not fully capture.

Adonis 2101

In mythology,
Adonis was a gorgeous man whom Aphrodite and Persephone fell in love
with, they were so drawn to his beauty. This asteroid reveals our
“ideal” lover. If you find yourself attracted to a certain
“type,” this might be what has contributed to your idealized

When looking in
the natal chart, consider the sign, house, and aspects this asteroid
is involved in. Interchart aspects indicate intense sexual attraction
and chemistry between two people, but it can also mark an unhealthy
“worship” of one partner in a relationship.

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