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I’ve been thinking about why all this ridiculousness is still going on and have come up with another option that no one seems to have considered.

Yes, this is fake – all of it – but it wouldn’t surprise me if they WERE actually, legally married. Hell, it’s just one more signature on one more piece of paper. I’m pretty sure if they had enough power to force BC to the Isle of Wight to partake in that orgy of lies, shame and distaste, they also had enough power to get him to sign along the dotted line. Which, if they did, puts all of this in a very different light because it means they ARE actually married and she has legal rights to stay that way.

In the UK there are 3 main grounds for divorce – adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion. If B has no proof that Zero has done any of them , then he’s stuck – simple as that, for 5 years. Two years, if she agrees to divorce, but if she says ‘No’ – he’s trapped, end of.

Granted, he could just leave her and announce a separation, but I’m guessing she’s probably using ‘revealing all’ or exposing him as a ‘terrible husband’ as a bargaining chip in this respect which is why he stays put. There’s also probably a clause in whatever prenup was put together about divorcing after 2 years, but if she’s breaking that, it would mean going to Court and in the process revealing it was all arranged and manufactured in the first place, so again I’m guessing that’s not a very appealing option either.

Anyway, these are just my musings on the subject and may explain why this mess is apparently not currently going anywhere.

Unreasonable Behavior: Malignant NPD+BPD along with visual evidence of abusive behavior 



Under Duress: 

Forced marriage legislation S63A of the Family Law Act 1996, containing the forced marriage legislation introduced in 2007, provides as follows: (4) For the purposes of this Part a person (“A”) is forced into a marriage if another person (“B”) forces A to enter into a marriage (whether with B or another person) without A’s free and full consent. This expression “free and full consent” derives from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses”. S63A(6) In this Part— • “force” includes coerce by threats or other psychological means (and related expressions are to be read accordingly); The legislation applies to marriages in England or abroad

“Two years, if she agrees to divorce, but if she says ‘No’ – he’s trapped, end of.”

LOL, she is in no position to play that game because there is plenty of legal leverage his side can use to end her. Do you have any idea of the amount of shit she’s hiding? We do and the Rat knows all about it so she’ll say “Yes.” if she wants to stay out of prison, end of.

Oh and if BC wants to keep the details out of the UK media there’s a little something called a superinjunction.

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