The game MM is trying to play is as old as time itself. These days, some daughters are sent to private schools in highschool and a reputable university in hopes of landing a trust fund kid or someone in medical, law, or business (preferably successful family for this one) school. If they are really desperate, sleep around with the rich boys until she gets knocked up by one in hopes of getting a ring or child support checks for the next 18 years( I know a few cases of this actually happening). The richer the better regardless of how they are treated. It’s all about a possibility of never having to work and being provided for. Sadly, that mindset will never die. It’s been around for thousands of years.

I have a friend that almost fell prey to this scheme. In a way, he is very similar to Harry as far as being generous goes. This woman straight up used my friend for money and to take care of the baby she already had with another man. To say this chick pissed me, our friends, and his family off would be an understatement. This girl went as far as telling my friend that he was the father of her second child and he believed. He didn’t marry her but he believed her. He found out he wasn’t the father not long before the child was born. Him feeling hurt was an understatement but he learned his lesson. He was a bit of a jerk for a little while because of his broken heart but he is now back to his old self before that girl came along and doing well for himself. One thing for sure is that if chickadee ever comes back around, it won’t be pretty and she knows it. My friend also knows we won’t hesitate to smack him upside the head (especially moi). We were literally prepared to disown him because we were sick and tired of him being taken advantage of and him not doing anything about it because he wanted his own family so badly. It was that classic test of “How bad do you really want this?“  that the devil is known for throwing out there before the real deal comes along. Not going to lie, Harry does have a lesson that needs to be learned. He is used to the women he dates not running to the press every five minutes. They have all been discreet, for the most part, until MM came along and ran with his secrets. Harry gave an inch and she took every mile she could get. Being naive about these sorts of things can get you in major trouble if not careful. Especially when eager to find a significant other.

Thank you for sharing!  Thank God your friend survived the heartbreak!  Harry will learn and rise above!🐼😊❤️

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