I think he wants to stay married for other family man promo opportunities. Its not like he has to live with her. She isn’t a loose cannon any more. He lives his life the way he wants bts and she’s a tool for his calculated public facade, trotted out when needed. He’s hit a balance. I think that if there were real children we would see pap walks with them w/o SH. Showing what a swell dad he is. Family man image, that’s the game now.


She’s a narc. She’ll always be a loose cannon. The only thing keeping her in check is Marvel. If they dump Benedict? It will get ugly quick. He’s with her out of fear, no other reason. If he wants to ruin his life and never be happy? His choice. But he’s a coward and a fraud if he does. And he’ll probably end up dead…because she won’t stop till she has everything.

SH may be posting on CDAN under another name (MegIT does) and she brought up Cornell’s widow. Gator’s right, if I were BC I’d GTFA from her and her friends…

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