That does sound like a threat or at least trying to come across that way. As for any of us wanting to marry Ben, I’m not married never have been by choice, he would never be to handle me because I would never ever put up with the stuff he’s been doing and certainly wouldn’t put up with some of the people he has around him or calls friends. Would never tolerate UTA or Karon. That’s one of his problem he wants a strong woman, but he isn’t strong enough to be equal to a woman like that in the end I think he would use her as a way to say no without him actually saying it himself. After all yes HW and SH did start this mess, but he’s also should have said no to Adam, uta and Karon at times and when she pulled the first baby stunt he should have put his foot down said no, he should have said no to a lot if things. That’s why I’m sure none of us want or think he would marry us because he’s a mess and skeptics can see it to bad the nans , antis can’t see anything passed their fantasy image of him.

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