It looks like Reprezent has gone on record admitting that they didn’t invite KP. KP approached them just after Xmas. So right at the time H put his foot in his mouth? This just makes me giggle.






Do you have a link for that?



So the radio station was approached just before Christmas. Mmm warms this because Meghan wanted it. Did she pick a small radio station in Brixton? You can dress it up under the mental health banner if you wish but Meghan got her gender equality crap in there for no logical reason. She is pushing her own agenda while on a royal engagement.


I feel sorry for the radio station. Used as a pawn in markle plan for humanitarian of the year. They put so much effort in for the visit which was fleeting at best. If honest the duration was rude. Hardly worth attending. Just time for a photo opportunity and mix with the multicultural community.

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