Reminder that Benedict chose to stand up with the women whom Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed/assaulted and he did not hesitate to express his disgust to Harvey’s actions, despite knowing that The Current War would be at stake

Benedict prioritized standing up for victims over his own personal career gains. Benedict chose to be selfless because he felt it was the right thing to do, he points people to the stories of the victims, instead of act ignorant and make it all about himself.

This is why Benedict is one of the greatest actor of modern times. Beyond his phenomenal acting skills, he also utilizes his platform for the betterment of others – something unfortunately many actors/stars are lacking these days who are often so caught up in their own bubble of self perception

All I can say is that I look at this as him showing how much he’s grown as a person, because of his own situation…and I just hope he’s learned to stand up for HIMSELF the way he’s always stood up for others. It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn for us Cancers.

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