Exactly what kind of credibility is she hoping to get? The british media will tear her ass apart & thats what she gets for underestimating them in the beginning. Shes done in Hollywood. MM didnt shoot herself in the foot, more like she shot herself in the head b/c of how badly she fucked up.


I agree but that is part of the agreement as per NYC and several anon regulars. I’m positive that lawyers are involved in this break leak.

The press IMO did nothing wrong, it was her own un-moderated IG page it got ugly, I was scared for her, turns out you can buy followers. Like the ones that get sent here from Brazil, I have a link in the blog somewhere. They told me to kill myself cut my wrist verticle. 

Hollywood doesn’t want her, can’t be discreet and all that money they paid for that pullout. Cut the loss, agreed fucked up bad.

thanks anon

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