Will Smith only hires white male directors for his own productions

BI : We received some very interesting commentary from a well-known actor in Hollywood about a recent race controversy. “My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I heard [Actress]’s comments. [Her Actor Husband]’s performance wasn’t that good, and then I thought that maybe she was doing the jealousy thing, because lord knows she’s never won any major award for anything, and the only awards she does get are for being black. Then I got mad about the hypocrisy. This is what I really want you to tell your readers about. You know how she and [her husband] have a production company? Well, they have his and hers projects, and here’s a dirty little secret: “Her” projects are always for/by/about/starring/directed – by black women. But for “his” projects (which are MUCH bigger), his directors are:

“WHITE GUY” (Glenn Ficarra and John Requa “Focus”)

“WHITE GUY” (Peter Berg “Hancock”)

“WHITE GUY” (Francis Lawrence, “I Am Legend”)

“WHITE GUY” (Gabriele Muccino “The Pursuit of Happyness”)

“WHITE GUY” (Andy Tennant “Hitch”)

“WHITE GUY” (Alex Proyas “I, Robot”)

“WHITE GUY” (Barry Sonnenfeld “Men In Black”, “Men In Black II”, “Men In Black 3” )

“WHITE GUY” (Roland Emmerich “Independence Day”)

“WHITE GUY” (Michael Bay “Bad Boys”, “Bad Boys 2”)

“Minority Guy (not black)” (M. Night Shyamalan “After Earth”)

Seriously. Not one black director. Not one female director. That’s their dirty little secret. She wants to go off about how racist the industry is and about how they don’t value black people, but she doesn’t want you to know that when it comes to who they trust with their big movies, it’s not other black people! There you go. Rather than guess who our source is, we’ll let you guess who she is talking about.“

Their production company is staffed by mostly (90%) white people. It’s well known Will Smith does not hire Black people. We have to remember celebrities are a  brand. They will pander to whatever movement they see fit to bring them profits while maintaining and reinforcing the status quo.

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