CHARACTERS OF “THE ILIAD”: Cassandra → Priestess of Apollo

"There is no crueler fate than to know the future but be unable to spare anyone from it."

What good are her visions, if no one would listen to them? What power does a priestess have, if her warnings fall onto deaf ears? She wanted to save Troy. She wanted to save them all, to free them from the thread of fate that was wrapping around their throats, tighter and tighter with each pass. She cried for understand, for one person to hear her voice, and believe her. Yet, they all turned away. A storyteller she was called, a woman who was left hysterical by her own delusions. Troy could never fall, they claimed. Yet still, she saw the fires, the cracks in the walls, the crumbling of the temples, and she could do nothing, but watch it all disappear.  

kashuan // nuricurry

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