I think it’s sad that some people interpret love as a one way street, where one person has to endure so much pain and abuse while they devotedly stand by and “fix” someone else. That is not love.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people supporting their significant others through hard times, but If it comes to the point where they are dependent on you, preventing you for having a life and subjecting you to emotional abuse, that is not love.
I’m unsure as to where this ideology originated from, but “Holding it down” or being “a real one” in a situation that isn’t the slightest bit reciprocal and which involves the highest levels of disrespect and trauma is not love.
Don’t allow your loyalty to make a fool out of you and don’t allow good memories from the past trick you into believing that you walked away from something magical. Remember how you felt as you were leaving and keep pushing forward.
Please don’t allow anyone to guilt trip you into thinking that it is your duty to save and heal them, while they abuse and drain you of your energy, all in the name of love.

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