‘But I don’t remember that one’ Ah, I can’t remember the exact names but if memory serves it was around fashion week on Vogue Spain (?) forum. A loyal zero’s fan (who also happened to work in some capacity in the fashion industry) spotted her queen inside a designer’s shop in Spain. And the fan made sure to mention she could see SH’s ‘big tripas’. Spanish sometime use tripas to refer to the belly which is hilarious & weird word to use cos the real meaning of tripas is ‘gut, intestine’



Fan? “Tripas” is more like a non-compliment, LOL…


“Fake bellies for 100 pesos. Enough with rears* at the bank and the marketplace…this is the answer to your life’s problems!!! Blackmail your boyfriend, be the envy of everyone.”


and rear are both “cola” in Spanish ;).

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