I see Aeltrileaf says the full body pic was posted on 10/13/2016. Well, the picture I sent you, where you can see her new hairstyle (“me new French hair”) was posted on 10/12/2016, a day before. Unless there’s a new fashionable trend of changing your hairstyle to “bleachy blond with horrible roots” 24 hours after you got yourself some “French hair” (aren’t Zero’s friends fucking insufferable?) it’s safe to assume that the full bod pic is OLD, probably a throwback. Part 1


Maybe, maybe not. It still doesn’t change the fact that the person in my photo is TALLER and skinnier.

I have the entire IG gallery archived. There is a photo of a wedding party that was taken 10/23/16 and uploaded on 10/24/16 where her hair is still blonde, albeit with roots. Make of that what you will…

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