A Nonny sent me this screencap from the comments on Enty’s blind.

Interesting that Erin isn’t a fan and yet she feels the need to weigh in.  Even more interesting that she “knows full well he’s in a sham marriage and heinously ugly”.  Interestingest of all that she feels the need to let the world know Weirdo is “doing what a lot of folks do” (no dear, I would say the number of women who feel the need to fake a pregnancy to achieve fetch is really very limited).

But yeah, let’s get back to the reason I think the Nonny sent this in and why I decided to post it:

Erin, you knew this is the most misogynistic and shitty thing you’ve possibly ever said, but you said it anyway?  Less than a week past the Nans calling Skeptics misogynistic, anti-feminist haters?  I’m disappointed…


Oh and “frau” is a term used almost exclusively by the DL demographic but thanks for playing. SoFail and her friends can’t even pretend to be someone else in writing, no wonder they never went anywhere…

“Loving and living in NYC makes you a frau. NYC is over.”


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