Well didn’t it appear she said something nasty when he referred to her as his fiance’ instead of wife at the Oscars. It looked like she mumbled something. She is a nasty piece of work.




She is. Let’s see… TWICE at the BAFTAS, once at the Oscars, the NU papwalk manhandling… the article for DS, and now this. Isn’t that interesting?

IIRC didn’t SoFail call BC in the middle of that TotesNot4PR tripe…I mean GQ article? Ah, here it is:


Yet one more example highlighting her horrid personality and there are many. Unless it’s an emergency it is extremely unprofessional to interrupt an interview. It’s something that is simply not done but given her utter lack of manners it doesn’t surprise me. Strange that we have no such anecdotes about Blake Lively, Susan Downey, Elsa Pataky…


That childlike candor and sense of wonder is beautiful however there are many unscrupulous people who view it as a weakness. Among those are some of the purported “friends” that he and SH once shared. It would seem like they studied him very well indeed during that Summer in NYC…

I’m under the impression we are over the “He’s sweet and generous in an almost childlike way. He’s very easy to screw over. I could take advantage of him playing cards.” for quite some time now. I bet Martin is, too

Perhaps he was all that years ago, today he’s nothing more than a cocky liar with an ego too big for his head and covering lies with more lies to save his own skin.

If he had backbone he would have straighten this mess out, like Tom did. Yes, Tom’s image took a hit but that’s what you get for lies. He’ll get over it.

Benedict however prefers to aim for the next Oscar campaign spinelessly instead. Apparently he’s one of those victims who don’t suffer too badly as long as there’s some fame to gain and an Oscar at stake. 😉

What I meant is that he got into this mess precisely because he was naive. People like SH and Co study their marks, that is how she was able to extend her stay and turn it into a long con. RCGFs are nothing new for award campaigns after all. HW probably wanted to get SH off his back and threw her the gig like a bone to shut her up. No one expected her to go rogue like she did and with her shady contacts? Evidence is emerging that points at outright threats and coercion being involved. He’s learned the hard way but he hasn’t wizened up. There is a lot more to this than his or even HW’s desire for an Oscar. SH will ruin his TCW campaign because she’s a malignant narcissist who can’t stay away from candy. Allowing her to remain doesn’t serve anyone’s interests but her own…and those of BC’s rivals ;).

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