Maybe Not


Either way…  did I hear him correctly?  “Your wife’s yelling at you?”

Hahaha.  Well we know how she looks at him, so I will buy the bit about her yelling at him simply because it’s the most accurate description we’ve heard from him about her.  Much superhero, very togetherness.

– Maybe Not


Ben isn’t really painting a very rosy picture for his hero wife, is he?  I wonder why…  She’s been such a proper lady.  A real icon of a true English rose… 

Yanking his arm to get the money shot for the paps

pushing him back when the paps are done snapping pics

shrinking away from his kiss because of cooties

tagging him back because the photographers are still snapping pics while he looks upset on the red carpet

chastising him during an awards ceremony, sitting among his peers

wiping her hand clean of his touch as soon as she thinks they’re clear of the cameras

having a hissy fit while being photographed at a fashion show because no one calls her name

Can we please get video footage of Weirdo yelling at him?  I’d really like to add another gif of her being a true English rose to the mix…

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