Wow he sounds so pretentious in that interview. U know he’s lying when he starts adding on to (in his mind)make in more believable and interesting) First it was fans say ‘hello’ ,then *gasp* omg 😲, then its that they straight nag him while he’s holding his baby and getting in his car. Come on, anyone rude enough to ask for a selfie while someone is busy with a baby,would be rude enough to just take a sneaky pix of them bc they obv wouldnt care about boundaries. yet that never happens. -izzy





Of course it doesn’t happen Izzy.  We’re talking about the circus here.

You can’t expect the circus to be realistic….

I suppose he goes around asking people innocently sitting in their cars if they’re paps, too. 😂


That moment was WEIRD!!!!!!!

It was indeed! I agree with Izzy. It just sounded so bloody stupid him saying that they had to hide out because of the paps and that fans are stopping him for selfies all the time, even these days. We all know that there were only a handful of proper fan selfies in the past two and a half years, most of the pics were with waiters, chefs, charity groups, office staff, etc…safe groups of people, no nans. We would have more reports of fan encounters if this was true and a lot more mentioning a kid and family…yet we hardly have any reports of encounters with him and they are simply non-existent when it comes to that alleged ‘no PR’ family. He just doesn’t make sense now!

(Also: if I hear that it was his idea that they should spontaneously visit that comic shop one more time, I’m going to scream! He is so bad at scripted replies!!!)

So much for inspiring respect…


Are you sure it wasn’t a guidehorse Richard Edward?

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