interview about child and family bbc co uk/programmes/p04vpwzf





Thanks! Sounds like he puts a lot of effort to explain everything he’s been called out for 😂 … and the bad bad paparazzo’s again, so nasty! 😋

He’s selling it hard right now. So much to: “He wants out of it desperately.”

I love the end “That was Benedict Cumberbatch talking about Doctor Strange” 😂

No, no he did not. That was Benedict Cumberbatch selling his fake family 😂

Also be prepared that we’ll get some nice selfies and fan encounters he had where’s the happy family happened to be part of 😉

The word is out, it happened. “Evidence” to follow. 😄

I bet the Rat is not happy.

What in NYC? They did that already. We already got plenty of fabricated evidence, gotta give “Ginny” some credit. They broke a Marvel character(!) with that candid snapshot of DS

queuing up for eggs benedict, procured a stunt kid and called the paps much to the amusement apathy of the general public. Remember?

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