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Whatever. He can talk about it until the cows come home. Doesn’t make it real

It seems even more unreal.

I’m surprised he didn’t steal Pilo’s teether in the form of the Eye of Avocado to be honest.

I’m also quite surprised none of the people who stop him on the street when he’s with his family end up putting the selfies up on social media or mentioning his not-for-PR wife and not-for-PR Pilo on social media.

This has been another edition of poor

by the man himself  😀

Movies w Ali Plumb, BBC Radio1: March 3, 2017

~1′ – AP asks about the comic book shop visit in NYC as DrS, yet BC start his answer w the café shop visit… bc wife…
~5′ – AP asks about best moment in career, BC asks back “work or person?” AP says work, BC “thanks for that, you (phew?) saved me that…”
~6′ – AP asks what fans say on street when see him… & aside the usual (surprised, or hellos) the opportunity again: “I know you’re, I know you’re busy, I’m sorry, you’re w family… I know holding a child getting to a car…” stumbling before mentioning certain things…

And that was it?! Less then 7min, & they hardly talk anything about DrS, but mainly about BC’s personal stuffs… 

Yeah Ben, you were invited to promo the dvd, not your privacy, but whatever.

Good thing that DS UK DVD comes out in exactly one day…

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