Pater Carroll – The Alphabet of Desire, “Liber Null and Psychonaut”, 1987.

The Alphabet of Desire depicts the 21 principle Emotions. The basis of the concept of the Alphabet of Desire, is that every Emotion contains is it’s own opposite, follows a dual pattern. Learning to ride these Emotions, by exploring the Alphabet Of Desire allows the practitioner to be in control of these Emotional States, rather than at their mercy.

The conscious control of personal Emotions states allows for easier management of their influence upon ones life, whether from internal or external sources. The purpose and goal of such discipline is to learn ones way out of self-destructive patterns of behavior, learning to quickly access a situation by thinking before acting, rather than blindly react. To react, rather than to think then act, is to give a degree of influence to something outside of oneself.

The main forms of Duality within the influences are: Sex/Death, Love/Hate, Desire/Fear and the Subjective/Objective. The root of each Emotional influence finds its Balance in its opposite, with the exception of Laughter acting as it’s own opposite.These 5 influential Dualities can be seen as the traditional Elemental associations of Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Spirit (the ever elusive 5th element). Laughter, acting as Spirit, can most easily be represented by the symbol of the Yin/Yang. Containing traces of both negative and positive Elements, the mix of the two acts as a balanced point between the other more polarized emotional influences. 

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