CS is married with a child just wondering how his wife feels about letting 🐙 crash at, what I think was their old apt (CS & 🐙). Then they’re having a coffee date while Ben was working if it was him & not NT Tom. Now the “art” that she submitted, they had to be together at some point for her to see his and to “make” hers.his wife can’t be blind not see how their work is alike she certainly should be able to figure out they had to be together for her to copy him.CS wife should be asking why he let her stay in the apt, why didn’t you get rid of it? how many times has she crashed there? What was this coffee date all about? Then when were you together for her do this so called art she submitted? More than likely it was him and the Birkins that opened the door for her to be part of this charity not Ben. We could be hearing from another mad wife soon like usual she’s done something that tells on herself.

Carolina, Deborah and Julie have something to bond over now…

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