I could think of several stupid things The Dismals could do that would be semi-original, but I don’t want to frighten you or make you lose your appetite. But at this point, I think he’s going for the full Travolta. Whether he’s bi, gay, or straight but allergic to happy marriages, he’s in it for the long haul. I’m really happy for the Clooneys, though!


I think everyone is happy for the Clooneys Nonny!

As for the rest, I’m not holding my breath, but I have a strange feeling there’s an East wind coming for Madame Fetchless.


Ok, OP is comparing two completely different situations here. First of all JT is gay, that’s pretty much an open secret in HWeird. Don’t make me post that GIF where he’s looking at BC like he’s a porterhouse steak…


Needs more HP sauce…anyhow JT needed straight cred so he got himself a perma-beard. Based on all accounts BC is into women (like a lot) so he did not need a beard…I mean he did for DS but the makeup people took care of that ;). The ShamWow started when HW saw fit to saddle BC with a RCGF for award season because that’s his MO. Said RCGF was rumored to have something on HW, I am under the impression that’s the only role she qualified for. SH and SBF (Tony?) hijacked said PR deal and turned it into their very own long con. Since then SH has done everything in her power, no matter how ridiculous, to keep it going because she needs her cash flow and that candy ain’t cheap. In other words, this sorry debacle wasn’t supposed to happen. Secondly JT and KP are both Scientologists who entered into a marriage contract willingly ala TomKat. SH tried to recruit BC into that ghastly cult and I’ve a feeling that SOS disguised as a leak caused her and her friends to back off. Thirdly, while you might argue that being a CoS member is a sign of insanity KP is not a raving narcissist/sociopath with substance abuse problems like SoFail is. KP was a boon to JT’s career while SH is the kiss of death. Everyone knows that SoFail and by extension the ShamWow is a ticking PR timebomb… 


Disney…PR? Y’all need to hurry the fuck up…

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