BC’s continued absence at industry events is concerning. Love it or hate it, you gotta successfully hobnob with other actors, directors, writers, and producers if you want to keep your career healthy. If you’re not putting in the bare minimum facetime, industry folk will forget you and casting prospects plummet. Sunny March isn’t really robust enough – or again, well connected enough – to sustain him in non-acting ventures.


Agreed. But I think he’s learned he can’t go alone and he can’t take the 🐙with him…so he has to stay home. The new jobs (as in new contracts, not Marvel appearances) will stay sparse until he can find a way to get rid of her. I have a feeling he’s figured that out by now.

Talk about a double-bind :/. That’s why I keep saying the ShamWow is unsustainable. If only BC would gather the courage he needs to take his life back. He has it in him, he just needs to stop doing this:

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