With the Antifa shooting in Seattle only a week ago, it’s time the left seriously start arming themselves. 

Here’s how this actually works:

A extreme right-leaning governmental leader incites followers to violence by claiming all their woes are to blame on minority group(s), particularly ones which can’t defend itself/themselves.

The followers with their growing fears may lash out in anger toward that/those minority group(s) which lead to violence.

Violence escalates and law enforcement steps in, making the situation even more volatile. The right-leaning government uses the violent escalation as a justification to create further restrictions on people’s rights and liberties, even going so far as to blame the anti-government protesters for the violence in the first place.

This is fascist government building 101.

The “right” in “alt-right” doesn’t mean “right” as in “correctness.” It means this -the desire for an authoritarian government with intolerant views of others.

The “alt-right” controls the government now, and – according to the many times they’ve stated this fact – opposition is not permitted. Get behind the president or be dismissed, threatened, demeaned, discredited or otherwise devalued.

The “alt” in “alt-right” means “alternative.”

Alternative could mean “different from the usual or conventional” or “offering or expressing a choice,” but it can also mean the narrowing down of choices, such as “a proposition or situation offering a choice between two or more things only one of which may be chosen.” (Definitions from Merriam-Webster.)

What alternatives do you think an extreme right government will give you when it comes to your rights and liberties?

What the left needs to do is arm themselves with knowledge and information, not guns. Guns will only give the “alt-right” the right to further exploit and devalue you.

Some people are such tools. I warned that Cheeto Satan was going to do this before he was even sworn into office. Ordo ab chao…I see how his corrupt backers are trying to impose their will upon all of us. They are the minority, mere thousands and if they are pushing for totalitarianism it’s because they know that they are losing power. Stay woke and fight the good fight!

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