Oh, look! Magically the people of Scotland are in a sharing mood again and turns out this lovely young woman (keen student of French at Glasgow Uni) was working for B on New Year’s Eve!  It seems though the girl was ‘dancing the night away’ on New Years Eve ( so not sure how much work she has done this past week. Oh, well, nevermind that. How curious. It seems the magical Cumberfamily was touring Scotland with a pregnant sh, toddler ccc, and was having a nice New Years party in Glasgow, as you do… But then, we have a pic of B alone from Stoney and a pic of Foxy Tim in London from Saturday, yay! Something is still not right here. Why is the pattern always the same?
Oh my, I think an NDA would have shut ppl up a bit longer than two days and even if it weren’t the case, you just don’t really brag about such things on twitter….unless…. but nevermind that either… it is possibly the restaurant or club that will tweet next or post on fb, how lovely it was to have BC there.

What a shame we don’t accept tweets only, pictures or shaky videos as evidence anymore…only live broadcasts, with clear hd shots of the people present with the date clearly showing on a newspaper somewhere in the shot. Hahaa. Oh, dear what a missed opportunity here! Nevermind.

Any more pathetic attempts to insert sh or ccc somewhere? Please get it out now, because we don’t have much time for this, there is too much to discuss about Sherlock! So I’ve seen some nice theories about AGRA…let me read them again…

(thanks for @khanspets and @annashipper for the link)

An NDA that’s only effective for the duration of someone’s employment?  A week?  In Glasgow?

Yes, so they can freely tweet about it and discuss it in public! Good gracious me, what will happen if Sh will be released from B’s employment? *giggles*

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are witnessing is the spiral of a narc who realizes they are losing. Remember my article posts from last week? Zero is flailing around like a fish out of water. Keep on digging Zero….Tick Tock. That two year waiting period to annul without consent is about to lapse. And you are burning the kind of bridges that can’t be rebuilt.

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