you are as thick as a brick wall, you and your league of idiotic anons who should come out from behind the grey faces to show themselves. national Theatre man was out WITH HIS WIFE. get it through your thick skull once and for all rather than being obtuse and misleading. Sophie did not ambush Benedict with a fake bump, does not do drugs, youre pathetic and i hope karma bites you in the arse.


Are you still trying this totally debunked BS? I can post NT guy’s name and photos again, if you continue this. Enty already confirmed it was her.

Here you go:


That’s not ‘Matt Reece’ or his wife, it’s Sophie Hunter and a man later identified by a nonny in the know as Tom Edmunds. Tom knows Ben too, how sad…

While this foreign born A list dual threat actor was out of town filming, his wife was out with another man, who some say is the boyfriend from whom she never split. The two were definitely very very close while out in public. I think she thinks she is not recognized when she goes out. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (REVEALED by Enty on 5/29/2016)

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