Ancient Egyptians were using
20-sided die as early as 200 BCE. Source

i cant believe ancient egyptians were FUCKING NERDS

imagine ancient egyptian d&d tho

“You have crossed into the underworld and have encountered Anubis. You give him your heart to weigh.”

“I roll to Bluff.”

“You want to bluff Anubis? You can’t bluff Anubis, he’s a god, he has a godly Sense Motive check.”

“I want to bluff the scales.”

“…you want. To bluff. The scales.”


“…you know what? I’ll allow it.”

“HA! Nat 20!”

“The scales, for some fucking reason, think your heart is lighter than the feather. Anubis is pretty sure you’re bullshitting him but you know what? Anubis has had a long day. Anubis is not gonna question the scales. You’re in.”

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