2015 vs. 2016


Ballsy:  Ooooh!  Can we play a game of “spot the difference”?   Let’s see.  Toddles is with a rich, successful, independent woman ,who has boosted his image in the US (okay, boosted it to – famewhore extraordinaire who is so thirsty for Bond it hurts).  But still … a hell of a lot of people know his name now.

And Benedict?  Is with an untalented, unsuccessful, leech of a woman, who has torn down his image to pretty much nothing in the US (and he is also considered a famewhore extraordinaire who was so thirsty for an Oscar it pretty much destroyed his career).  But still … um … there’s really no upside is there?  Oh, he’s totes a FATHER now, did you see the baby pictures?  That no one but the Daily Fail and The Sun published?  Whoops!

But the bigger question here is …did they boost sales of Jaguars? 

Srsly tho. It’s been
ONE week.  The Fail even did a nice
timeline for us:

We have snogs on the
beach, private jets, Selena Gomez concerts, White Boxer Short awkward posing, Nashville
restaurant PDA, meeting Swifties parents, flying on the private jet to the UK
to meet Toddles parents ,and they even did the “bond-inspired” Jaguar commercials. 
ONE week.  And every single
fucking article?  Bond.  Even one to undo the “I won’t play Bond” talk
from the previous week.  Bond.  Bond.  Bond.  Bond.  Bond.  Bond.  Bond.  I’m an Aussie.  Toddles?  You needed to do the underwear shoot in …
you guessed it.  Bonds.  Saying. 

And I’m still waiting for
the tandem bike rides, with icecreams. 

Happsie has her own list: 

PS: “Prepared to stop”?  Giggles.

You don’t say…

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