I’m an old woman and very thick skinned and…typical of my generation…quick to offer unsolicited advice. You need to get a life of your own. I hope you are not so severely disabled that this is all you have. If not, then don’t use your best years obsessing with a hate blog against strangers. When I was young I traveled, ran around with my friends, went to countless concerts, movies, etc. Live while you can. You will one day regret every minute you wasted with this soul destroying bitterness.


Aww…in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m pretty thick skinned myself. And I have some unsolicited advice for you: stop wasting your time, coming onto my blog and telling me what to do. Maybe you should channel YOUR energies into something more productive than being bitter that people are questioning something they see in public.

Is SH getting her mama to troll us now? Her degree of drug addiction does count as a severe disability and she’s certainly going to need solicitor’s advice to deal with what’s coming her way…

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