Nonny said SH was bitchy & now she’s all handsy. True. Narcs don’t turn on the ‘nice’ after being nasty if they know they are winning. But if they do it’s bc they r about to lose/be expossed (lame last aatempt to save their asses) .


Please let this be her last gasp. Butch sees to have nine lives

Narcs are only “nice” when they are luring a new victim or when a former victim is trying to leave. The latter is known as hoovering and the OP is right in that it is a sign of a desperate narc. BC is using the grey rock technique, he is not reacting to SH’s provocations and is focusing his attention elsewhere instead. This robs her of supply, even subtle snubbing counts as a narcissistic injury. When you keep interactions as bland and boring as possible narcs tend to lose interest pretty fast. 

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