Wasn’t it raining yesterday in NYC? Those fake baby photos couldn’t have been taken then.

And just when you thought that man couldn’t sink any lower… he scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

Oh, and it was cold in NYC yesterday. That “baby” would need socks. And they would need jackets.

Bottom of the barrel, indeed. They are getting desperate.


Keep it classy you two…and repetitive. Oh look another rando bb…body. Let’s see, how many 9-10 month old white bbs are there in NYC? A lot. More than enough to be used as stand ins. Where are the sneaky pics or KO’d NY grade pap piccies with a FACE? Especially when the stroller you are using is 2+ years old and of US make! I mean do they even proofread this shit? CONCLUSION: UTA and Bophie are desperate and stupid AF. Which makes me wonder what they are so afraid of? I have a good idea >:)….also, for the love of Alan Rickman pleeease don’t lie about dates ok? I know damn well that staged pap walk wasn’t yesterday or today. From someone who was there:

“However, the way LK was dressed in the pic, it was more like the way someone would’ve dressed last Saturday. It was in the mid 60′s and the sun was out, there was a very slight breeze, etc. So the date on those pics are…a week off.

Yep, so warmer yesterday but no sun. UTA sat on these photos for maximum impact. Had they used common sense and released them last week it wouldn’t have been so problematic. Apparently Spongebrain Clownpants fails to understand that tainting DS with your lame fauxmance makes both her and Bubble look unprofessional in the extreme. It’s not going to endear him to anyone in the industry that’s for sure…

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